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Yalim Group Is a company engaged in the Yogyakarta Travel & Hospitality Tour located at the Grand Century Company No. B-3 Sidoarum Sleman Yogyakarta and was established in 2012 until now. Our superior service products are Travel Tour & Tour Organizer, and not only that we have Travel Tour services from Hotel Search, Transport, Package Destination, Gathering, Event Organizer, Mice and Outbound Training for those of you who want to travel while sports.

Yalim Group 

The number of customers who vacation with family, usually they also ask for advice to us an inn like a Guest House or a cheap homestay in Jogja. In addition, cheap hotels in Jogja can also be an alternative hotel choice. Even though it is cheap, there are also many cheap and good hotels in Jogja that are the choice of staying overnight because the facilities are in accordance with the needs. If you are a backpacker, you are definitely looking for cheap lodging. What you are looking for is in Jogja! In addition to Jogja hotels near the Malioboro area to our recommended hotels, cheap star-rated hotels, 3-star hotels in Jogja and others.

Tidak Ada Travel Selengkap Kami di Kota Jogja

Dapatkan Paket Travel Sesuai Kebutuhan Anda dijamin Pelayanan Maksimal dan Paket lengkap

Mengapa Harus Yalim Group


Kami memberikan Paket servis terlengkap untuk liburan Anda dan sangat terjangkau


Kami berpengalaman menangani berbagai macam event perusahaan


Kami selalu mengutamakan pelayanan servis terbaik jadi Anda tidak perlu khawatir


we will help plan your tour according to your budget

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